Learn MYOB the easy way

"David helped me get up to speed with MYOB after a few years at home with my children. He's a great teacher, very patient and very good at focusing on what is important to learn."

Bhavika Lal - Accounts Manager at
Cachet Systems
Cachet Plumbing
and Cachet Transport

Are you using MYOB software? If you've just started it can be daunting. You might be thinking: "I've invested all this money, but how do I use this?" Or maybe you've been using MYOB for a while and you just haven't had the time to learn it properly.

Some common questions:

  • I've lost a sale! Where has it gone?
  • My bank account doesn't reconcile. Help!
  • Is my GST right?
  • How can I get cash-flow projections?
  • Are there ad-on products that will help me get more from MYOB?
  • Can you help me speed up my processing time?"

MYOB Consulting - I can help you
As a MYOB Certified Consultant, my job is to help you get the most from your MYOB software. Even if you've been using MYOB for a while, you may be surprised by some of the useful and time-saving features MYOB has that you weren't aware of.

Some ways you will benefit

  • Save time and costs - good reporting makes it easy for your accountant to prepare your financial statements and tax returns, saving time and money.
  • Make better business decisions - understanding how to use MYOB allows you to make informed business decisions, not decisions based on "gut feeling".
  • You can relax - knowing your GST, payroll, PAYE and tax obligations are sorted means you can relax.

KIS - keeping it simple
I dislike inefficiencies and get great satisfaction from providing my clients the information they need to run their businesses more efficiently. I am a qualified teacher, so you'll find that learning how to use MYOB with me is simple and stress free.

Who do I work with?
I have worked with a range of businesses, from tradesman, to make-up artists, to restaurants to hospitals - businesses with turnovers from $25k to $6m per annum. In short, if you need to learn how to use MYOB, I can help you.

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