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"David has provided invaluable Xero support to me for three or four years. He helps with troubleshooting throughout the year and we review my accounts together at year end before sending them off to my accountant."

Peter Parkinson
Director, Mentor Professionals

An easy way to learn how to use Xero software

Do you use Xero accounting software? Maybe you've just started. Perhaps you've been using it for a while. Xero is often referred to as "beautiful software" - it's a fantastic tool.

Xero has many features, including enabling you to:

  • Invoice clients
  • Pay bills
  • Receive bank feeds
  • Set up rules to speed up data entry
  • Manage GST
  • Manage expense claims

Are you using Xero to its fullest?

Some Xero users don't use all the features they should. Why? Well, because they don't know how and just don't have the time to learn.

I can help
As a Xero Certified Partner, it's my job to help you learn to use Xero so you can run your business more efficiently.

If you're new to Xero, I'll ensure you're set up correctly rightfrom the start and provide initial training. If you've been using Xero for a while, I'll show you how to utilise all of its features.

By using Xero to its fullest you will:

  • Make more informed business decisions - understanding how to use Xero fully enables you to make business decisions based on facts, not hunches.
  • Save time and money - having your data entry done correctly means that your accountant doesn't have to spend time making adjustments which saves you time and money.
  • Rest easy - having a clear understanding of where your business stands financially as well as knowing that obligations like PAYE, payroll, GST and tax are sorted, means you can rest easy.

KIS - keeping it simple
I like my "i"s to be dotted and my "t"s to be crossed - I don't like inefficiencies. I thrive on providing my clients the information they need to run their businesses efficiently. As a former teacher, you'll find I make learning Xero simple and stress free.

The types of businesses I work with
I have helped many kinds of businesses with Xero - tradesman, web designers, rental- property owners etc. If you are using Xero and you need help, we should talk.

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